Madsen Model 1950
Type Sub machine gun
Place of origin Denmark
Service history
In service 1950 - 1980s
Used by See Users
Production history
Designer Dansk Industri Syndikat
Designed 1950
Manufacturer Dansk Industri Syndikat
Variants M/46, M/53
Weight 6.95 Pounds
Length 31.25" with stock open

Caliber 9mm Parabellum
Action Blowback
Rate of fire 550 rpm
Muzzle velocity 1250 ft/s
Feed system Magazine 32 rounds
Sights Single aperature set for 100M

The Madsen M-50 or M/50 is a submachine gun introduced in 1950. It was produced by the Danish company Dansk Industri Syndikat of Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was otherwise known as Madsen after its founder Vilhelm Herman Oluf Madsen.


This firearm was a modified variation of the M/46. The only major improvement was the simplified retracting handle. Introduction of the M/50 occurred on November 7, 1950 at Mosede, Denmark.

The M/50 is made of stamped sheet metal. Its an open-bolt design which means it fires when the bolt is in the locked back open position with a fixed firing pin. The M/46-M/50 share a unique design: the firearm is stamped from 2 pieces of sheet metal which are shaped with an integral rear pistol grip and magazine housing. The two pieces fit together like a clam shell with the hinge at the rear of the pistol grip. The firearm is held together with a barrel locking nut which is threaded onto the fore section of the two receiver halves. The pistol grip is hollow, providing storage space for a magazine loading tool.

The folding stock is made of tubular steel covered with leather and folds onto the right side of the firearm. The M/50 fires in full-auto only features a safety lever unusually placed in front of the forward magazine housing. To fire the M/50 the operator must grip the magazine housing and hold down the safety lever.


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