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I know and you know that the official combat color of the A-1E in Viet-Nam was CAMOUFLAGE so please someone tell the Air Force Museum at Dayton Ohio.The plane on display at the Museum is the one that was flown by Banard Fisher than crashed while on a later mission. I should know since I was in charge of the Field Maintanance section at Pleiku Air Field at the time.

Pictures of the damaged aircraft are on various Web sites and it is obvious that repair would be a chalange for a remote field operation like ours.The various maintanance shops rose to the chalenge and so it was compleated along with a test flight.

Myself and one other person met tail # 649 after it was flown down to Cam Ron Bay where we watched as it was moved out into the waters of the Bay and loaded onto a flatdeck for the trip back stateside.The plane sported the new camo color and the propeller section painted bunny ears on the prop tips.Several of the mechanics hid small signatures in out of the way places on the plane just as a matter of pride.

649 was on display for years with her camo color and bunny prop tips than low and behold the museum painted her the official Navy color.The plane looked like it belonged to some rich dude on his way to an air show some where.I was mad as hell and felt like they had taken away her blood sweat and tears strugle during the many missions over Vietnam.

Most likely some high brass was visiting the museum with his wife who saw the Play Boy bunnies and said (well I never) and most likely the truth was that she realy had never.

I expressed by concerns but the more the better.

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