Bipod comes from the Latin and Greek roots bi and pod, meaning "two" and "foot, or feet" respectively.[1] A bipod is an attachment for either a photographical device or a weapon that creates a steady plane for whatever it may be attached. It provides significant stability along two axes of motion (side-to-side, and up-and-down). The concept for a bipod dates back to pre-20th century times, and is still used today by agencies such as NASA.


On firearms, bipods are commonly used on rifles to provide a forward rest and reduce motion. They are also seen on other long-barrelled weapons. The bipod permits the operator to rest the weapon on the ground, a low wall, or other object, reducing operator fatigue and permitting increased accuracy. Bipods can be of fixed or adjustable length. Some can be tilted and also have their tilting point close to the bore central axis, allowing the weapon to tilt a little left and right, allowing a quick horizontal sight picture on uneven ground and keeping the operator close to the ground. Bipods are for the most part folded away forward, not back towards the shooter, and sometimes fold into vertical foregrips.

Aspects and Advantages Edit

When firing a weapon without a bipod support, the ability to aim and steady your iron sight is much more difficult.[2] The advantage of having a deployable bipod was to increase weapon accuracy and efficiency was the key in warfare. The bipod only pertained to long barreled rifles, such as snipers, but then gave way to light and heavy machine guns, even small pistols.[3] When deploying the bipod on a weapon, both of the legs prop out and attempt to level out with the ground to obtain a firm and secure firing position. The overall advantage of a bipod is to increase accuracy and be able to mount your weapon on any terrain. Some bipods used for rifles allow the rifle to swivel or "hang" near its bore axis, offering a more stable shooting position with large and heavy aiming optics mounted.


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