Type Pistol
Place of origin22x20px Russia
Service history
Used byFSB
Russian Army
Production history
Produced1990s to the present
VariantsSP-10 (7N29), SP-11 (7N28), SP-12, SP-13 (7BTZ)
Case typeStraight walled, rimless
Bullet diameter9.05 mm (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Shoulder diameter9.6 mm (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Base diameter9.9 mm (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Rim diameter9.9 mm (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Rim thickness1.2 mm (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Case length20.9 mm (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Overall length32.7 mm (Bad rounding hereScript error in)
Ballistic performance
Bullet weight/type Velocity Energy
6.7 g (Script error gr) 7N28 410 m/s (Bad rounding hereScript error ft/s) 563 J (Bad rounding hereScript error ft·lbf)
7.9 g (Script error gr) 7N29 390 m/s (Bad rounding hereScript error ft/s) 601 J (Bad rounding hereScript error ft·lbf)
7.2 g (Script error gr) 7BTZ 395 m/s (Bad rounding hereScript error ft/s) 562 J (Bad rounding hereScript error ft·lbf)
Source(s): Modern Firearms

The 9x21mm Gyurza (Гюрза, Russian for "blunt-nosed viper") round is a Russian handgun round designed to defeat body armor that was developed by TsNIITochMash for its SR-1 Vector semi-automatic pistol and SR-2 Veresk submachine gun.


SP-10 (7N29) - armor piercing bullet with hardened steel core[1]

SP-11 (7N28) - standard FMJ bullet with lead core

SP-12 - low ricocheting, expanding bullet[2]

SP-13 (7BTZ) - tracer AP bullet based on 7N29


  • 9x21mm Gyurza
  • 9mm Gyurza


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  2. Script error

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