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7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum (SAUM)
Type Rifle
Place of origin 22x20px United States
Production history
Designer Remington Arms Company
Designed 2002
Manufacturer Remington
Produced 2002–Present
Bullet diameter .284 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Neck diameter .320 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Shoulder diameter .5347 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Base diameter .5357 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Rim diameter .534 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Rim thickness 0.050 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Case length 2.035 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Primer type Large rifle magnum

Remington introduced the 7mm Short Action Ultra Magnum cartridge in 2002 to compete with the 7mm Winchester Short Magnum cartridge. It was designed specifically for the Remington Model Seven Magnum rifle. The difference in velocity between the 7mm SAUM cartridge and the 7mm Winchester Short Magnum is less than 50 feet per second, they are almost ballistic twins. This cartridge and the 7mm WSM have the most desirable ballistic results when using bullet weights from 120 to 160 grains.


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