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7mm Fournier
Type Rifle
Place of originFlag of France.png France
Production history
Number builtUnknown
Parent case7.5x54mm French
Bullet diameter7.25mm
Neck diameter8.16mm
Shoulder diameter11.33mm
Base diameter12.2mm
Rim diameter12.2mm
Case length53.80mm
Overall length75.87mm

Created by the gunsmith Jean Fournier, the 7x54mm is basically the 7.5x54mm French necked down to 7mm. The cartridge was designed to be used with the Mas Fournier hunting rifle, which was itself a modification of the MAS-36 rifle.

Since the retirement and death of Jean Fournier, the fabrication of this cartridge has stopped. However, if some original ammos are still available for sale (mainly as collector), reloading dies and tables have been released since then.

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