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5.6x61mm SE
Type Rifle
Place of origin22x20px Germany
Production history
ManufacturerOnly commercially through Walter Gehmann, Karlsruhe as of 2007
Parent case6.5x55mm Swedish
Bullet diameter.228 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)

The 5.6x61mm SE, an abbreviated form of its full designation, the 5.6x61mm [Vom Hofe] Super Express, is a rifle cartridge introduced in Germany in 1937. It is based on the 6.5x55mm Swedish.

The '5.6x61mm SE' uses a .228in diameter bullet (as also does the .22 Savage Hi-Power, unlike the more common .224in bullets used for most .22 centrefire cartridges.

5.6x61mm VHSE ammunition is still available (2007) from Walter Gehmann, Karlsruhe, Germany. No mass-produced rifles are currently offered in this chambering, but custom riflemakers will chamber for it; and the calibre has a loyal if specialised following, especially among handloading long-range hunters of roe deer and chamois, although the cartridge has accounted for very much larger deer and antelope.


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