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The 11 mm M1873 ammunition round intended for the 11 mm MAS 1873-1874 revolver was in service with the French Army. Its case is rimmed and is loaded with black powder. The velocity and power of the first variant, equivalent to the 6.35 mm, was weak for its time (92 joules). The second variant, 1873–90, corresponded in power to the 7.65mm (230 joules).


  • Projectile diameter: 11.6 mm
  • Case length: 17 mm
  • revolver length: 245 mm
  • barrel length: 114 mm

Cartridges usedEdit

  • Model 1873 (11.7 g lead bullet and 0.65 g powder charge)
  • Model 1873/90 (10.6 g pointed lead bullet and 0.80 g powder charge)
  • Model 1890/1900 blank (0.4 g paper dummy bullet and 1.10 g powder charge)


  • Muzzle velocity (Vo):
    • M1873 cartridge: 130 m/s
    • M1873-90 cartridge: 190 m/s
  • Muzzle energy (Eo):
    • M1873 cartridge: 98.1 joules
    • M1873-90 cartridge: 196.2 joules

See alsoEdit

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