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.475 Wildey Magnum
.44 Auto Mag, .45 Winchester Magnum, .45 Wildey Magnum, .475 Wildey Magnum.
Type Pistol
Place of originUSA
Production history
Parent case.284 Winchester
Case typeRebated Rim
Bullet diameter.475 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Neck diameter.493 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Base diameter12.72 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Rim diameter12.01 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Rim thickness1.02 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Case length1.198 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Overall length1.575 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Case capacity38 gr H2O (Bad rounding hereScript error cm3)
Primer typeLP
Maximum CUP50000 CUP
Ballistic performance
Bullet weight/type Velocity Energy
250 gr (Script error g) SP 1,850 ft/s (Bad rounding hereScript error m/s) 1,900 ft·lbf (Bad rounding hereScript error J)
300 gr (Script error g) SP 1,610 ft/s (Bad rounding hereScript error m/s) 1,727 ft·lbf (Bad rounding hereScript error J)

The .475 Wildey Magnum is a semi-automatic pistol cartridge designed for big game hunting in the Wildey pistol.


The .475 Wildey Magnum was designed to be a hunting round. Cases are formed from .284 Winchester brass with the neck opened to take a .475" bullet, and the length is the same as the .45 Winchester Magnum. Velocity at 100 yards from the muzzle is equivalent to the muzzle velocity of the .44 Magnum.[1]

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