.338 Remington Ultra Magnum

Type Rifle
Place of origin USA
Production history
Designer Remington
Designed 2000
Parent case .300 Remington Ultra Magnum
Case type Beltless, rebated, bottleneck
Bullet diameter .338 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Neck diameter .371 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Shoulder diameter .5261 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Base diameter .5500 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Rim diameter .534 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Case length 2.760 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Overall length 3.600 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Case capacity 113 gr H2O (7.345 cm³)
Rifling twist 1-10 in (254 mm)
Primer type Large rifle magnum
Maximum pressure 65,000 psi (Bad rounding hereScript error MPa)
Ballistic performance
Bullet weight/type Velocity Energy
250 gr (Bad rounding hereScript error g) PSP Bonded2,860 ft/s (Bad rounding hereScript error m/s)4,540 ft·lbf (Bad rounding hereScript error J)
250 gr (Bad rounding hereScript error g) PSP A-Frame2,860 ft/s (Bad rounding hereScript error m/s)4,540 ft·lbf (Bad rounding hereScript error J)
Test barrel length: 26"

The .338 Remington Ultra Magnum is a .338 caliber rifle cartridge introduced by Remington Arms in 2002.


It is a beltless, rebated rim cartridge based on the .300 Remington Ultra Magnum case shortened .090" loaded with a .338 caliber bullet. The .338 Remington Ultra Magnum ranks third after the .338 Lapua Magnum and .338-378 Weatherby Magnum in cartridge-case capacity.

Because this cartridge already operates at very high pressures (65,000 PSI), Handloaders cannot give significant improvements over factory ammunition as many handloaders have done over the years with more conventional, lower pressure rounds.

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