.22 BR Remington
Type Rifle
Place of origin United States
Production history
Designer Jim Stekl
Designed ~1963, standardized 1978[1]
Parent case 308 x 1½ inch Barnes
Bullet diameter .224 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Neck diameter .246 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Shoulder diameter .458 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Base diameter .467 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Rim diameter .473 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Case length 1.520 in (Bad rounding hereScript error mm)
Primer type Remington 7½

The .22 Bench Rest Remington cartridge, commonly referred to as the .22 BR Remington, is a wildcat cartridge commonly used in varmint hunting and benchrest shooting. It is based on the .308 x 1½ inch Barnes cartridge, necked down to .22 caliber, lengthened by .020 inches and with the shoulder angle increased to 30°. It was first developed in approximately 1963 by Jim Stekl, and in 1978 Remington standardized the dimensions. It is renowned for its high velocities and excellent accuracy.[2]


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